Name: Amelia

Age: 10

From: Wistaton


Amelia is a young girl who has mild learning disabilities and difficulty in activities requiring coordination and movement. When Amelia initially came to us, she was very shy and introverted with low confidence and low self esteem, who required the constant reassurance and guidance of her mother.

What does Amelia do at the Wingate Centre?

Since August 2016, Amelia has been attending the Centre on a weekly basis to take part in an Inclusive Trampolining Session.

Benefits of visiting the Wingate Centre?

In the 6 months that Amelia has been attending the Wingate Centre, the improvements that she has made have been outstanding. She has improved all round in her social interaction skills and now feels confident enough to lead stretches and share her ideas for any games or skills that she wishes to achieve.
How do the sessions here help with Amelia’s disability?
Amelia has improved her fine and gross motor skills through the range of activities and skills that she has learned through her sessions at The Wingate Centre. Amelia’s ability to take instruction is phenomenal and she continues to act as a role model to other children in the Inclusive Trampoline group. She is often used for demonstrations due to her ability to perform tasks correctly.
There has been a noticeable difference in Amelia’s physical confidence and appearance, with clear improvements that have been made to increased muscle tone, enhanced fitness and improved flexibility.
In the short time that Amelia has been attending our sessions, she has achieved her British Gymnastics Trampolining Award Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 whilst continuing to work towards her proficiency awards.
“My amazing Amelia has improved more than words can say. She feels very comfortable at the Wingate Centre and loves the progress and achievements that she continues to make. The environment and staff help her to make these improvements and she feels happy and relaxed, so she can achieve her best. Well done Amelia.”
Michelle. (Amelia’s Mum.)