The Wingate Centre is an ideal place for children and young adults to take part in fitness classes in a fun and safe environment.


Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is a form of physiotherapy. It uses trampolines to  provide therapeutic exercises to people with a wide variety of disabilities and additional needs. By using our sensory equipment on our sunken trampoline, our sessions provide therapeutic exercise and recreation to children and young adults alike who have a wide range of special needs and will benefit from sensory feedback and interaction. Most of all, it’s fun!

Rebound Therapy is one of the most popular activities for children with special needs in UK SEN schools.

Some of the benefits of Rebound Therapy include the development and improvement of:

  • Strength of limbs
  • Numeracy
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Co-ordination
  • Independence
  • Self-confidence
  • Balance
  • Muscle tone
  • Reaction speed
  • Self-image
  • Eye contact
  • Relaxation
  • Freedom of movement
  • Sense of achievement
  • Stamina
  • Spatial awareness
  • Body awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Consideration of others
  • Trust and confidence in Coach/Assistant
  • Colour recognition
  • Height and depth perception
  • Fun and enjoyment

Please contact our Gym Coaches on 01270 780456 or email to arrange a consultation.

Disability Gymnastics

Gymnastics is particularly beneficial to children with disabilities as it encourages social interaction, promotes mobility and strength and the development of spacial awareness.

For children with disabilities Cheshire Gymnastics run a specialist disability class at The Wingate Centre on Saturday afternoons between 3.30pm – 4.30pm. This is a small group class with a low coach to student ratio.


If your child’s or young adult’s disabilities are more profound or they prefer a quieter environment then we can offer individual classes (subject to availability). Our coaches can develop tailor-made programs incorporating gymnastics equipment and movement to extend fitness and mobility.

Please contact our Gym Coaches on 01270 780456 or email to arrange a consultation.

Inclusive Trampolining

Age: 6-16 years

Day/Time: Friday 4.30pm-5.30pm

Cost: £5 per person + annual British Gymnastics membership (£17).

Where: Gymnasium


A coach-led club for children with a disability and their siblings. Trampolining is a fantastic way to keep fit, learn new skills and take on new challenges. Whist in the club participants have the opportunity to not only learn new skills on the trampoline but also to participate in some rebound therapy whilst working through both Wingate Awards and British Gymnastics Trampoline awards.

Please contact our Gym Coaches on 01270 780456 or email to arrange a consultation.

Sensory Room

Sensory tubesProven to benefit children with special needs, creating a stimulating yet calming atmosphere, our Sensory Room is ideal for children with sensory impairment and autism.

Well equipped with bubble tube, projector and star carpet, ‘sound cushion’ for profoundly hearing impaired children, toys books and games the sensory room is accessible to wheelchairs and equipped with hoists.

Residential guests have access to the Sensory room throughout their visit but pre-booking is advisable.


The Sensory Room can be booked for 1 hour sessions by contacting our office on 01270 780456 or by emailing