Name: Freya

Age: 23

From:  Mid Cheshire


Freya has complex needs, she has cerebral palsy and is also visually impaired and profoundly deaf but has a cochlear implant which means she can still hear and has some vision.

How long has Freya been using the centre?

Freya has been visiting the centre for rebound therapy since May 2014.

What does Freya do at The Wingate Centre

Freya visits the centre on a weekly basis to take part in 30 minute rebound therapy sessions that help to improve mobility, flexibility and muscle tone.

Benefits of visiting The Wingate Centre

“When Freya finished school and college we needed to find some activities for her to enjoy doing on a regular basis. She loves the sessions; she generally wakes up and becomes very smiley once she’s been on the trampoline with Georgi!” – Edwina Wilson, Freya’s carer

Weekly rebound therapy sessions help with Freya’s daily physio routine by relaxing and working the muscles at the same time, this is really important for Freya as sometimes she can be very tense.  It’s also just as much about the social aspect as Freya gets to see the coaches – and other gym users like Mathew and Ainsley, who are in the session before her each week. Now that Freya is not seeing peers in college on a day to day basis these interactions are so important to her and without places like The Wingate Centre her disability could be very isolating.

How do the sessions here help with Freya’s disability?

The rebound sessions are around 30 minutes long and in the session Freya will lie flat on the trampoline bed and our coaches will spend some time stretching out Freya’s limbs and relaxing her muscles. This is similar to her daily physio routine but with the added movement of the trampoline that can help her to relax more. Also within the session our coaches use techniques to safely move Freya on the trampoline, which not only helps her to improve muscle strength but it’s also a completely different sensation for her compared to being in the wheelchair.

Why is the Wingate Centre so special to visitors like Freya?

“The Wingate Centre is a very special place because it’s inclusive. The facilities and staff can cater for every need from the able bodied to those like Freya with more complex needs, which can be hard to find.” – Edwina Wilson, Freya’s carer