Sensory room CLOSED

Proven to benefit children with special needs, creating a stimulating yet calming atmosphere, our Sensory Room is ideal for children with additional needs, sensory impairment or autism.

Well equipped with a bubble tube, projector and star carpet, ‘sound cushion’ for profoundly hearing impaired children, toys books and games the sensory room is accessible to wheelchairs and equipped with hoists.

Recently, our sensory room has been updated with the addition of a large, fibre-optic sensory ‘raincloud’, which sparkles with an ever-changing spectrum of coloured lights.

Residential guests also have use of a mobile UV sensory trolley located on the ground floor of the residential accommodation.

Holiday and residential guests have access to the sensory room throughout their visit but pre-booking is advisable.

The Sensory Room can be booked for an hour by individuals or groups by contacting us on 01270 780456 or emailing