What our visitors say about us

“I liked the chicken curry. My bedroom is cool.”

Joseph, Foxfield School, March 2018

“Amelia and Shea enjoyed the tuna wraps for lunch and having lots of space to roam. Andrew enjoyed spending time in the garden and spinning himself around on the roundabout. Aleks enjoyed spending evenings in the lounge with friends from different classes.”

Foxfield School, March 2018.

“A great place for youngsters to develop life skills, independence and communication skills with different groups of people”

Penn Hall School

“An opportunity for social interaction that they don’t get at home or school”

Forest Way School

“The students had a great time as did the support staff! The Wingate Centre is an AMAZING residential centre and the staff are second to none!!! What a gem of a place. 10/10 all round. Thanks so much!!”


Lovely, friendly, welcoming staff made Ellis and myself feel happy and relaxed. Lots of open space to explore. Nothing was too much trouble, which was so refreshing. Can’t thank the staff enough. Definitely be booking to stay again.”

We-support and Ellis

 “ Awesome rise and fall bath! Awesome centre with great facilities for our type of group”

PHAB Breakthrough Camp

 “It has everything we need. We have brought more disabled children with us before and it makes the job so much easier. Very central for travelling, please thank the staff for us.”


 Thanks for another great week. You make a difference and are so supportive. Really appreciate everything you do for us. Cheers!”


 “A quote from one of our students… “I like this house. It feels like home.”” Springfield

 “The centre gave the pupils a very comfortable and welcome setting to relax and reflect”


 “Excellent facilities on site. Having the use of the gym every night and then at the Rieber Hall was great. All the staff from Wingate and the facilities are brilliant and we could not have asked for anything more”

Ash Lea