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Leaving a gift for The Wingate Centre in your will is an easy process.  When writing or updating your will, we would recommend using a solicitor or an experienced will writer. It doesn't have to be expensive, and you can look

around for different quotes to

get a good deal.

Types of gift


A residuary gift is a share of your estate – a percentage of what is left after any taxes or costs have been subtracted.


A pecuniary gift is a fixed amount of money.


These are particular items, such as a house, stocks and shares or jewellery. Anything that's of financial value to you. We can sell items in order to raise much-needed funds.

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If you think you would like to create a trust in your will we recommend speaking to your solicitor. The most common trusts are where a supporter gives a friend or relative the opportunity to live in their house for the remainder of their life, with the charity receiving the house once the friend or relative has died. There are, however, many other uses for trusts.

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