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Do you want
to make a difference? We need you!

We are always in need of volunteers throughout the year to help with our fundraising events, collections, sessions, maintenance and so much more!


Come and join us by volunteering to help at our fundraising events and collections. We will look after you and you will have a fantastic time with Team Wingate. Contact us to find out more about our forthcoming events and join Team Wingate!


Volunteer Days

Many organisations offer their employees volunteer days each year. We have been lucky enough to have been supported by lots of local businesses and they have worked on fantastic projects, including gardening and painting! It is a great team-building activity and helps us with ongoing large projects. Please contact us to book your volunteer day!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering offers a whole range of benefits, not just for the recipients of the volunteer work but also for the volunteers themselves. Through volunteering, individuals can develop new skills, expand their networks, and gain valuable experience, which can enhance their personal and professional growth. Moreover, volunteering has been shown to improve mental and physical well-being by reducing stress, boosting self-esteem, and increasing overall happiness. Ultimately, volunteering is a powerful force for positive change, enriching both the lives of volunteers and the communities they serve.

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Meet Alice

Alice Volunteers at The Wingate Centre each week and has done for 10 years. She works across our departments helping wherever she is needed.
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