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Riding towards a happier self

Updated: Feb 20

Children and young adults with complex physical and learning disabilities can’t jump on a bike and go for a ride – so The Centre’s gym includes two specialist bikes, offering cycling for all abilities.

The Assisted Bike boosts the rider’s independence, while giving the benefits of exercise.

It also allows users to work towards therapy goals in a short time. The bike supports leg movement and drives momentum – enabling riders by moving for them – so wheelchair users and people with limited movement can also benefit from them.

Using the Assisted Bike helps to:

· Activate cardiovascular system: helping to stabilise blood pressure; improve blood supply of cold legs and reduce oedemas. Also improving fat burning, blood sugar and cholesterol regulation.

· Activate metabolism: regular exercise activates the body’s metabolic processes, helping digestion and urination.

· Maintain/improve muscular strength: systematic, regular concentric and eccentric exercises can maintain and restore even low muscular strength.

· Regulate mobility/muscle tone: using THERA-Trainers helps regulate muscle tone with rhythmic and reciprocal movement, effectively preventing contractions.

· Maintain mental stability: regular training increases release of dopamine, increasing the user’s positive mood and helping prevent depression.

Physical activity is linked to good mental health, so we also offer: Disability Fitness; 1-2-1 Fitness; Rebound Therapy; Assisted Bike; Dance classes; and All Stars Sports Clubs.

For more information and to book a session call 01270 780456 or email

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